Bo Cakmak Biography

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Bo Cakmak has been involved in development and Internet Marketing with a specialization in SEO since 2003. He has an extensive track record of improving the traffic volume and revenue of businesses ranging from small local businesses to fortune 500 companies. His previous role as the Director of SEO for GoGoTech, Inc., an eCommerce Company in NYC, inspired him to push the envelope while searching for methods to increase the bottom line.

In 2011, when presented with an environment that required scalable solutions with minimal resources, Bo quickly discovered that Python automation and template-based SEO practices were going to be paramount to increasing traffic. Since then, Bo has been fully engrossed in improving automation and machine learning methodologies applied to marketing and finance systems solutions.

Beyond developing and executing innovative search strategies, Bo has also used Python to develop scalable systems to manage enterprise level AdWords campaigns among other applications ranging from data indexing solutions to front end dashboards and user interfaces. Bo’s passionate pursuit to understand user behavior, search and machine learning applications has kept his knowledge on the cutting edge of online marketing and application development.